August Meetings

It may be the summer and many lodges have shut for the holidays but East Lancashire Allied Councils do carry on regardless!

So if you have done with your sunbathing or have the post holiday blues why not dust off your regalia and visit:

Constitution No 183 meeting August 20th – 7.30 pm at Accrington Masonic Hall. Allan Shields will be presenting his paper ‘ The Degree of St Lawrence The Martyr, A Brief History.

David Lamb No 197 meeting August 21 st – 6.30 pm at Rawtenstall. There is a in induction of a new candidate (degree of St Lawrence)

Copies of the summons which contain contact details can be found on the ‘Summons’ section of the website. This is pass word protected further details are available to brethren of the order by contacting us on: