JEG – a busy night ahead!

James Edward Glover council No 137 have a busy meeting taking place October 21st at Westhoughton. It’s your chance to see our DGP, Mervyn Wilson, admit a new candidate to our order as he is currently the council’s Master. Following which the council will then admit brethren to the degree of Knights of Constantinople so if you are an Allied Mason looking to take your Knights of Constantinople here is your chance. See the summons section to download a copy of the summons and contact the secretary to book in. The password can be obtained from your own council secretary.

Team visits 2019/20

Details of Team visits – 2019/20

The District Grand Prefect will be visiting the following councils accompanied by his team of acting provincial officers:

Goulburn Council 36 (Bolton) Sat 19th Oct 2019

Shuttleworth Council 50 (Colne) Monday 2nd March 2020

HBS Council 234 (Salford) Sat 11th July 2020

District Meeting 2019

District Meeting 2019

Rochdale masonic hall was the venue for the 2019 District meeting, which saw over 100 brethren in attendance. Many had traveled along way to join Mervyn Wilson, the head of the East Lancashire district and many of its members. Brethren had travelled from Kent, London, and Surrey in the south as well as Yorkshire, the midlands as well as a suitably large raid from neighbouring West Lancashire with their head, Paul Snape.

Mervyn (centre) flanked by his officers of the year – 2020

Mervyn welcomed everyone to Rochdale and then proceed to appoint and invest his officers for the year. Trevor Jewitt unfolded and delivered his final report before retiring after six years as District Secretary with thanks from Mervyn fo all his hard work. The ceremony and processions was perfect and wonderful to see all done under the watchful eye of District Director of Ceremonies Chris Welton.

Paul Snape (centre) with the West Lancashire visitors

Following a successful and enjoyable meeting the brethren retired to the lovely surroundings of the dining room to enjoy a drink and a tasty meal.

Dine with me at David Lamb

David Lamb Council No 197 inducted a TV star at the August Council meeting!

Come Dine with me has recently featured Matt Phillips from Manchester, many will know him to be a very good Mason, but in the show he was given the opportunity to show off his skills in the kitchen.

Matt was inducted during a fine ceremony by Council Master Duncan Ferguson , assisted by his officers and visitors seconded into office for the meeting. One of those taking part was Dennis Schiff who had proposed Matt into the Allied Masonic Degrees.

Following the meeting Matt could enjoy the meal without having to cook it on this occasion, that task had been suitably performed by the catering staff at Asdale Lea, Rawtenstall. He was made most welcome into his new surroundings and is looking forward to completing the other degrees the order has to offer.

Left to Right, Matt Phillips, Duncan Ferguson and Dennis Schiff