14 New Knights at MEH

  The April meeting of MEH (Grand Officers) Council 160, at Bryn Masonic Hall saw a fabulous Red Cross of Babylon ceremony by the members of MEH including the DGPs of East Lancashire and West Lancashire and a few invited guest ritualists. Every office was filled and 14 Knights were admitted to the Degree in fine style. The high number due to a roll over from Covid times.

There were 45 in attendance and the meeting was followed by a wonderful meal and fraternal fellowship. Sadly three of the candidates escaped before the group photo was taken.

District Junior Warden installs his Brother District Senior Warden

(L-R) Allan Shields WM , Peter Hegarty and Installing Master Mike Green

Both of the current District Wardens are members of the same craft lodge – Robert Burns No 999 which meets at Salford Masonic Hall in the province of East Lancashire.

District Grand Junior Warden, Mike Green had been master of Robert Burns for three years owing to the suspension during the covid outbreak. So he was very keen to install his successor who just happens to be the District Senior Warden, Allan Shields.

All of this happened in front of our Deputy District Grand Prefect, Peter Hegarty who was in attendance at the meeting in his capacity as Salford District Chairman.

Allan was installed in fine style , the Allied theme extends further as the District Grand Treasurer, Jeff Huddart is also a member of the lodge and was invested as the lodge Junior Deacon later in the ceremony.

Plenty of work to do – Allan will have a candidate to initiate in October!

East to West

A delegation from our district paid a visit to the district meeting of our neighbours – West Lancashire.

The meeting was held at Preston, our District Grand Prefect, Mervyn Wilson was accompanied by his Deputy , Peter Hegarty and acting officers.

This meeting was well attended by brethren from all around the country as well as also having The Most Worthy, The Grand Master of the order Tom Jackson in attendance.

West Lancashire’s District Grand Prefect made every one most welcome and his team put on a great show which was followed up by a most memorable festive board.

Mervyn (left) with the delegation from East Lancashire

A New ‘Internet’ Council

An exciting new council is being launched! If you are interested and qualify to join ( Being a Master Mason , Royal Arch Companion and a Mark Master Mason or above) please contact via the website by email – web.amdel@gmail.com.

Welcome back HBS. A New Master, 3 candidates and 2 joining members!

Herbert Barrington Slater Council No 234 had not met for close on two years due to the pandemic, but what a come back meeting took place Saturday at Salford Masonic Hall.

Lets start with an installation. Acting Master and District Secretary, Graham Newton opened the lodge and welcomed its distinguished guest, the head of the order in East Lancashire; Mervyn Wilson.

Craig (left) with installing WM Graham

It was now time to start adding some members to the council as Ivan Millington and Nigel Bramley Howarth were welcomed aboard.

With the all the council business now out of the way Peter Hegarty, the Deputy Head presented Craig Wood as Master Elected ready to be installed. However Craig was on crutches having torn ligaments an injury so things were just a little bit different, he had waited two years for this and very determined to get in the chair.

Mervyn greets Craig following his installation

A fabulous ceremony ensued conducted by Graham and Craig was pleased to appoint his new team of officers for his year in the chair.

It was now time to once again swell the numbers with some new members, three candidates this time – Nigel Dunlop, Paul Joynson and Steven Graham who were all admitted in a fantastic ceremony of The Degree of St Lawrence The Martyr delivered by Craig as his first duty as new master.

Left to right, Nigel, Paul, Craig and Steve

As the end of a first and eventful meeting back neared, Mervyn congratulated both Graham and Craig for the work done and welcomed the new members to the order by presenting them with a grid iron lapel badge.

The newly admitted brethren are greeted by Mervyn
Mervyn & Craig share a toast

Council business complete the brethren enjoyed a hearty meal downstairs at the festive board which gave the chance for the new members to really get to know their new lodge mates and enjoy the harmony and conversations.

Visiting ‘Down South’

The heads of both Lancashire Districts – East and West, Mervyn Wilson and Paul Snape accompanied by their Deputies and a good delegation of Lancashire brethren made the long trip down to Croydon for the Surrey District meeting.

Croydon Masonic Hall
Lancashire delegation With Paul and Mervyn in the centre
Paul Waring attempts to get properly clothed!

Paul Snape begs the question which comes first – your tie or collarette? The meeting was enjoyable and following which the Lancashire contingent were made very welcome at the festive board.

Thanks to Paul Snape for the photos and article.

A Trip To Cumbria

Peter (left) with Graham

The District of Cumberland and Westmorland held it’s District meeting at Cleator Moor. Heading to Cumbria was a small delegation from our district including Deputy District head Peter Hegarty, representing Mervyn Wilson, District Secretary Graham Newton and Jack Lyon.

Peter said ‘it was a great meeting’ hosted by the Head of the province Eddie Crosby who also had in attendance the Grand Master’ Thomas Firth Jackson and John Hale, Past Deputy Grand Master. Eddie in his eighth year as the district’s head, also welcomed many other brethren from all around the country. He said it was great to be back to a real meeting, the last one had to be done by zoom due to covid restrictions being in place.

District of London Annual Meeting

On the 20 th . November 2021 early, no very early two West
Lancashire Allied Masonic Degree Masons made their way to
the Capital to attend the District of London annual meeting.
After quite an uneventful journey Worshipful Brother Raymond
Lamb Past Grand Standard Bearer, Deputy District Grand
Director of Ceremony and Worshipful Brother Ernie Gavan Past
Grand Standard Bearer found a coffee house for an intake of
caffeine before making their way Mark Masons Hall in St.
On entering they met up with Worshipful Brother Paul Waring
Grand Sword Bearer and Worshipful Brother John Pearson
Past Grand Standard Bearer friends from their neighbouring
District of East Lancashire. As instructed, they made their way
into the Lodge Room to take their seats. At 10.45 am the
District Grand Prefect Right Worshipful Brother Colin Robert
Woodcock M.B.E. entered in processional order.
The District Grand Prefect opened District Grand Council and a
moment of remembrance was observed for those of our
Brethren that had been called to a higher service. When items
of a domestic nature were completed The District Grand
Prefect introduced the Distinguished Guests including
Worshipful Brother Raymond Lamb representing the Right
Worshipful District Grand Prefect for West Lancashire Brother
Paul Snape, and Worshipful Brother Paul Waring representing
the Right Worshipful District Grand Prefect for East Lancashire
Brother Mervyn Wilson.
The Deputy District Grand Prefect Very Worshipful Brother
Steven John Warwick Past Grand Registrar was reappointed
and the other District Officers appointed and invested. The
District Grand Prefect addressed the meeting and after a

collection for charity closed district Grand Council. The District
Grand Prefect then retired from District Grand Council.
After an aperitif, or two, we repaired into the dining room where
a delightful four course luncheon was enjoyed by all. The usual
toasts were well received as were the responses. After a visit to
the bar area and a few drinks with friends, new and old, our
intrepid travelers made their way to the railway station for the
long journey back to Lancashire, getting home at a surprisingly
reasonable hour.