HBS Council No 234 Share A Gazebo With Eight Candidates.

Herbert Barrington Slater Council No 234 held their July meeting at Salford Masonic Hall and this turned out to be a very busy meeting.

Not only did the council receive not one but two District Grand Prefects, Mervyn Wilson the head of East Lancashire also brought along 12 of his District Officers as part of a team visit.

West Lancashire’s Paul Snape was also among the distinguished guests who had all come to see the council host a convention of the Grand High Priest.

It’s not every day that an Allied Council will work this ceremony, so it was no surprised to have 34 Allied masons attending, eight of which would later be received as Grand High Priests.

The meeting was opened by Master Craig Wood who was then delighted to receive Mervyn and his team along with Paul Snape who processed in the room in fine style.

Mervyn introduced his team who were given a very warm Welcome.

The council business was conducted smoothly by Craig who declared his successor Nigel Bramley – Hawarth as his successor to be installed in December.

The lodge room next door had been prepared for the Grand High Priest Ceremony and the necessary tent erected. There was a little overcrowding during the ceremony but all eight candidates were received in a spectacular ceremony lead by Mark Goldsworthy, the District Grand Chaplin.

Mervyn & Craig with the candidates

Mervyn congratulated Mark and Steve Graham who had been the representative candidate for what was a truly brilliant display of Allied Masonic ritual.

Following the meeting the members, visitors and candidates shared a drink and reflected on the proceedings in the bar followed by a superb meal at the festive board.

Brethren had travelled from other Districts in particular West Lancashire: Mervyn mentioned the special friendship that we share with our neighbours when he responded to a toast at the festive board.

Every one enjoyed the day and the candidates able to tick this most sought after degree off the list!

The brethren relax at the festive board