Derby Day

The brethren of East Lancashire headed off to Derby Masonic Hall Saturday 20th August accompanying Mervyn Wilson and his Deputy Peter Hegarty to see the investiture of Steven Barratt as head of the order in the District of East Midlands.

Brethren of both East and West Lancashire assembled prior to the meeting

The Most Worshipful Grand Master, Thomas Jackson was the distinguished guest who would later invest Steven Barratt in a most sincere ceremony assisted by his team of Grand Officers.

Derby masonic hall is a most interesting venue to visit – It was once the training centre for Rolls Royce engines who of course powered the famous world war two aircraft including the Spitfire fighter which was the star of the battle of Britain!

So the visiting brethren had lots to look at and admire as the hall is full of very interesting memorabilia. In the dining room there is an example of a Merlin Engine. This was fitted to not only the Spitfire but also the Hurricane,Defiant,Whitley,Wellington and Fulmar class of aeroplane.

This particular engine saw active service and was peppered with enemy fire.

Steve Gregory (left) and Ivan Millington with the Merlin Engine on display

The meeting was well attended and those present enjoyed a perfect display of Allied Ritual. Steve Barratt was absolutely delighted to be invested as the head of the East Midlands following which he proceeded to invest his Deputy, Ralph Hitchin along with his team for the year ahead.

Following the meeting the brethren retired to the dining area, many sharing a drink and a chat out side in the sunshine on the lawn before enjoying a superb meal together.

Grand Master Tom Jackson (left) with Steven Barratt

Our Grand Master was in superb form, entertaining as ever and of course he presented Steve with a baby’s dummy appended to a green ribbon as he is the newest District Grand Prefect to join the ranks! It was a nice touch that Steve’s investiture could be shared by his Father who was present throughout the day!

We all wish Steve the very best in his new role as head of Allied masonry in the East Midlands.